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B Prabha

B Prabha


Solo Exhibitions 

"Shradhanjali", Mumbai in 1993, dedicated to her late husband B.Vithal.

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About B Prabha

Prabha was a prolific Indian artist who worked primarily in oil on canvas. She is best known for her graceful, elongated figures of pensive rural women, each dominated by a single colour. Prabha started working at a time when India had few women artists. She was deeply inspired by the work of seminal modernist Amrita Sher-Gil. Much like Sher-Gil, the protagonists of Prabha's works were usually women. She was moved by the plight of rural women, and over time, they became the main theme of her work. Her paintings also covered a wide range of subjects from landscapes to social issues like droughts, hunger and homelessness.In her formative years, Prabha was equally interested in music and art. Later, she chose art after completing her schooling. An early inspiration was the pioneering Indian-Hungarian modern artist, Amrita Sher-Gil. Like Sher-Gil, Prabha dreamed of being a renowned artist, taking her paintings to all corners of the world.

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B Prabha's Works
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Oil on canvas,
30x46 inches

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