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look again, and again

Sensory feelings of individuals and the perspectives derived out, become the pillars of societal formation. And at times, it’s the immediate reaction, rather action, emanating from momentary repulses that wreak havoc in the world. It takes wisdom acquired through ages, to establish the futility of these superficial feelings and thoughts. If you can condition your senses to not accept the conclusions of first sight and train the self to see again, and again, picturesque and diverse inner worlds become visible. And those insights can metamorphose the individual, society and world at large. Gallery Dotwalk would like to be a catalyst in the process by offering avenues to experience art that prompts you to look again, and again.

Headquartered at Delhi NCR, Gallery Dotwalk is an art gallery promoted by Sreejith CN, the Founder-Director, who has an active presence in the Indian art scene over the past two decades. Dotwalk is committed to build an art space, that pivots on integrity & genuineness, that becomes the hub of future masters, that converses with art enthusiasts around the world utilising the prowess of technology and that makes positive contributions to the art milieu. Dotwalk opened the flagship gallery at Golf course road, Gurugram, Delhi NCR, in April 2022. The gallery has conducted ten shows till date, including the participation at India Art Fair 2023 and the path breaking survey show at Bikaner House, comprising 43 Sculptors. The last show, ‘Luminous Reveries’, was a monumental art event of global scale, featuring a contemporary art section, a segment featuring collection from Dotwalk and various outreach activities at the historic Travancore Palace. Dotwalk also premiered a movie, ‘The Other Faces’, a film directed by Premjish Achari, which documents the artistic impulse of the iconic sculptor, Ravinder Reddy. In May 2024, Dotwalk opened Dotwalk Ajitara Art Residency, in the sprawling farmhouse of the Ajitara family, situated in Delhi NCR. Curated residency modules with various outreach programs are offered to aspiring artists around the globe.