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Tom Vattakuzhy

Tom Vattakuzhy


Solo Exhibitons

"Song of the Dusk", Aicon Contemporary, New York in 2022

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About Tom Vattakuzhy

Born in Muvattupuzha in 1967. Tom Vattakuzhy is a figurative painter, printmaker and illustrator who lives and works at Muvattupuzha, his home town in Kerala. Tom demonstrated an innate artistic talent from a pre- adolescent age. Tom Vattakkuzhy, who has repurposed the genre of painting or reopened the question of its relevance in our times where images seep every second into everyday life. Tom’s philosophical insights, visual reflections on the human interiority, and astute observations on human existence conjure a practice that interrogates our relation with visuality. Through this rigorous engagement, he deconstructs the very fabric of reality; he puts to test our comfortable relationship with the image, objects, spirituality, and home. The objects in the still life, the human figures with haunting expressions, and the centrality of light coagulate together in a vortex of fragments, to shatter the very idea of comfortable seeing.

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Tom Vattakuzhy's Works
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Evening Leisure

Oil on canvas,
60x84 inches

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